Press Release: 23/OCT/2022

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Press Release: 23/OCT/2022

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        Department of Justice
        Office of the Director
          Press Release

            Citizens of San Andreas,

            Well. I never thought I would be standing before you here again - It’s been some time since I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to you all, and while I believed the last time would be the last time - here we are.

            I have several announcements from the Department of Justice for you all.

            First, Director Sinclair has decided to step away from the Department for the time being. I would like to thank him for the massive amount of work he’s done for our city - under his guidance he streamlined the department significantly, finally pushed out the long awaited private attorney program, and overall made our system of laws significantly easier to navigate. I cannot stress enough how massive his contributions to the Department, and to the City as a whole were.

            Likewise, Chief Justice Pendleton has unfortunately had to step away from his post as well. Chief Justice Pendleton was the longest standing individual in that position, and many of you are very aware of the diligent, and hard work he did for every single citizen of San Andreas.

            Both of these gentlemen embody everything that the Department of Justice stands for, and their presence will be sorely missed within the Department. Both of them have been given the keys to the City, as I can think of few people that have served the Department that deserve it more.

            Justin, William, thank you for everything you did for us, both of you embody the vision I had for the leadership of the Department when I stepped down some years ago - more than that, you surpassed all of my expectations and hopes.

            As many of you know already, I have resumed my old post as Director. As before, I hope to serve you all with the best of my ability - and I hope to continue the trend of evolving the Department of Justice into something even better, though I cannot stress enough that those whom I once left the Department into the care of, and have now preceded me, paved the way for the future of the Department.

            With all that said, the department has not been idle. In the last few weeks we’ve been hard at work finalizing several projects.

            First up; Civil Aviation. The Civilian Pilots License is now available. You may apply for this license on the Department of Justice website.

            Secondly; To match the new Civilian Pilots License, we have updated the San Andreas Penal Code with several new laws. Likewise we have updated several older laws, and made a few changes to the powers of the Department of Justice. As always I suggest you take some time to review these new changes.

            Thank you all for your time.

            Your humble servant,
            Director, Department of Justice

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