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City Council Ordinance

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General guidelines and new procedures

Understanding and Implementing new projects, ideas, regulations and more.

These Ordinances are the foundation on which City Council acts.

The Golden Pen

Ordinances Titled in gold, are not subject to revision, nor removal. To ink an Ordinance in gold, it MUST have unanimous approval of the Council, as well as approval of Federal.

Council Conduct

From the creation of this Ordinance and forth right, every Ordinance shall be a guideline to the procedures in which Council shall operate. Contradicting these will result in the removal of your seat.

Into Stone

The Council of Los Santos’ creation of Ordinance will NOT include the undermining of previous Ordinance. If a member of the next generation of Council wishes to amend any prior Ordinance, it must first have unanimous decision among the Council.

Order of Operations

All additions/revisions to any governmental document, must first be agreed upon by the Heads of the affected departments before implemented.


Any and all decisions must have two thirds approval by Council, before it can be pushed into effect.

Access to Confidential Information

The Council of Los Santos, holds the right to view all classified documents to any degree, for reasons pertaining to matters of the State and the welfare of its inhabitants.
This does NOT give Council the right to release any confidential information.


The City Council Office's email will be open to the public so that they can freely have a channel of communication. It will be the duty of the Council to take the emails used in such a way, as if the Citizen was addressing them in person, in a public environment.
This Email is NOT to be used for anything beyond a one-way communication, from the Citizens to the Council.

Pending Trial

A person(s) will not be held for longer than 6((1)) hours for non-violent, or 9((1:30)) hours for violent crimes, in a holding cell awaiting an Attorney. Once an Attorney arrives, said person(s) can only be held for a maximum of 3((30 minutes)) additional hours, at which time they will need to be released with an appropriate warrant per circumstance.

Final Decision

DoJ’s Judge(s) will have final say on all applied charges, and the Law Enforcement Agency would have a decision on severity. If no Judge(s) are available then that responsibility would fall to an Attorney.

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