Press Release - 15/OCT/2021

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Press Release - 15/OCT/2021

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      Department of Justice
      Press Release

        Traffic Code

        The Traffic Code rework is finally here. It was last updated in 2019 and it has not been changed ever since. We have added and modified quite a few charges. LEO's can now set up DUI checkpoints, there is a new class of vehicles known as road restricted vehicles which will not be allowed on public roads and some other charges as well. Make sure to wear your seat belts and helmets from now on. We have updated the points system as well on licenses. People who currently have points on their licenses will be reset and they can get them removed through any Law Enforcement Agency. The new traffic code will be in affect after exactly 7 days of this press release.

        Note: Helmets with less than 80% face visibility are masks as the mask mandates states it as well.

        Find out more: Traffic Code

        Corporate Law

        We have updated the corporate law as well, it is highly recommended to apply for your business license if you still haven't. Businesses will be sealed and seized if found to be operating without a valid license.

        Your faithful servants at the Department of Justice.