Statement from the Office of the Director​

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Statement from the Office of the Director​

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      Department of Justice
      Office of the Director
          Fellow citizens of San Andreas, on the 18th of October I was offered an opportunity to step forward and take the position of Director at the Department of Justice. It was a position I took with no small amount of thought, as the responsibility of the office is one that affects all of us. It’s no secret that the department, for some time has been plagued with issues, setbacks and corruption. It is my goal to begin the process to rebuild the Department of Justice into what it should be, as well as pave the way for what the department can be in time to come.

          Many of you, have heard this before; and were summarily disappointed. As such, I’m not asking for your faith in my ability to do so. I’m asking instead for time. My team and I have work to do, but we are getting it done, already new laws are on the table, already the process is beginning to prepare for a new system of judgement for crime in our city.

          One of the things that I believe in strongly, is transparency. We are public servants; you pay our wages; and so, you should know what your tax dollar are paying for. The most immediate things on my docket are as follows;
          • A proper and judicial system. We will soon be elevating some of our best attorneys to the position of Judge. These individuals will be our best and brightest, and they will strive to administer justice to those accused of crimes within our city to the best of their ability. Likewise, citizens will have access to proper counsel and defense in their cases by attorneys that specialize in public defense.
          • Laws of Business and Commerce. I am in the final stages of the first draft of the document that will offer guidelines and regulations to all businesses within the city. This document will strive to protect corporations, as well as hold them accountable when need be.
          • A proper appeals program for those whom have been convicted of crimes, but have sought to change their lifestyle; We all deserve a second chance to atone for our actions should our desire to better ourselves be true.
            These are ambitious projects, and require much work, and discussion between various departments, as well as setting up programs within those departments. Having said that, those of you whom know me, I hope know that I will do everything in my power to see these projects through. It is my commitment to all of you, and I hope that my team and I are able to over time, re-earn your trust in the Department. I should like to state as well, that these are not the only programs I'm working on, however these are at the top of my list.
          A trust that, has been in the past squandered, and in light of recent events, been misplaced time and time again. I would like to take this moment, to offer an official apology to the Los Santos Police Department. In recent past, there were those among you that accused the Department of Justice as having corruption within its walls. It was an accusation that no one cared to believe, and while we still have no evidence of major wrongdoing, it is an accusation that I daily begin to believe more and more.

          In particular, I would like to publicly both apologize to, and commend the following officers, for their diligence in the pursuit of justice, and the tireless work they put in to make our city a better place. I would also like to state, that there are certainly more officers that should be named here, but these are the individuals that I know personally that were involved in the investigation into any corruption within the Department of Justice.
          • Lt. James Vercazzi.
          • Former LSPD Detective, Corporal Robbie Greene
          • Former LSPD Detective, Sergeant Paul Andrews
          • Former LSPD Sergeant, Captain Nero Redgraves
          • Former LSPD Detective, Lieutenant Daniil Rozhkov
          • Former LSPD Detective, Lieutenant Afolabi Okoro
          I thank them for their work, their ethics, and their willingness to stand up and demand integrity from those that are placed in public office, and I hope that they shall continue their good work for a long time to come. We could not ask for better officers to light our way into a better future.

          I mentioned transparency before. I will stand behind that statement fully. Should the LSPD, or the SASD ever care to investigate me, I, here and now, consent to any searches of my property, financial records, and my person. This consent shall not expire so long as I remain in office.

          Finally, I would like to thank our former Attorney General Mikey Truth for his long time of service within the Department of Justice. He has stepped down to move on to different path in his life, one that I have no doubt that he will be walking alongside his wife Azalea Truth, with whom he has been happier than I've ever known him to be. The Department of Justice wishes them the best, and hope that they find nothing but happiness and success in their future.

          Faithfully your servant,